MAIN is a non-profit company that produces information that has helped me understand the concept of love and happiness more productively. is a local group I host for organizing in person meetups.

I can't guarantee these resources will do the same for you as they have for me, but I'm putting it here so you know it exists and can answer that question for yourself if you choose.

There are several free Conference Calls each week hosted by


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These are the things that have helped me most:

Imagine that you and I are sitting together by a pool. We are enjoying a pleasant lunch, a warm tropical breeze, and the soothing music of a live band.

But then someone in the pool begins to splash you, first on your shoes, then higher up on your legs. You can’t see who it is because there’s a deck chair between you and the person in the pool.

At first you ignore it, but eventually you begin to get irritated. Finally you get up from your chair to say something to this thoughtless idiot. As you stand up to look over the chair, however, you see that the man splashing you is drowning.

He’s only splashing because he’s thrashing and kicking in the water to keep his head from going under.

How do you feel now? Are you still angry at the man? Of course not–who in their right mind could be angry at someone who’s drowning? In fact, as soon as you see why he’s splashing you, you lose your irritation. You also immediately try to help him out of the water.

This is the FAQ of Real Love.
This is a huge library of short videos (under 5 minutes) answering questions on just about every situation I was able to imagine. They are indexed by topic so I was able to find ones that applied to me.
This is a full seminar that explains everything in detail. The first hour is free online. I have purchased the entire seminar (6 hours). My own experience with this resource is that I didn't watch this right away because I found the Daily Coaching videos the most valuable at first... but eventually I decided to watch the seminar and found it very valuable.